Monday, April 10, 2006

Java 4 Me

Okay, so I’ve really been wanting one of those fancy super automatic espresso machines. You know, the ones that you pour coffee beans into one container on the machine and water into another container, and basically out comes a latte worthy of competition for Starbucks. Here’s the issue. I’m a coffee lover, but it’s also pretty hard to get me to part with money...mine, at least. (I’ve made a reference or two about that on my website, Also, I would have a hard time convincing my husband that any coffee could be worth that high a price. He thinks even $1.50 for a cup of coffee is a waste of time.

Anyway, I keep looking at these machines, then looking at the price tag, then deciding I really shouldn’t. Then, I put it out of mind for awhile and then repeat the whole process again a couple of weeks later. All the while, mentioning (whining) to my husband that I would sure like to get one. Here’s the irony. After “mentioning” it enough times, he is practically begging me to buy it. It sounded something like this, “Would you just quit talking about it and go buy the stupid thing”! So I did. I may be cheap, but I know an opportunity when I see one…Just think of all the money I’m saving at Starbucks. Here’s a peek at my Capresso C1300.

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Anonymous said...

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