Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Life in the Garage

I swore I wouldn't do it. No way. No How. I told my husband, "If we build a new house, there's NO WAY I will live in the garage while the rest of the house is being built". Famous last words. Now, regardless of the fact that I get told every day that it's the "North Idaho Way" that you live in your shop while you build your house, this does not comfort me. I'm going on 5 months of garage living and with many prayers and a little good luck, our house should be ready to move into in 3 weeks. I am defintely ready. However, my time in the garage has not gone without some merit. Here are the top 10 things I have learned from Life in the Garage.

10. Propane fumes aren't really THAT bad for you.
9. You can only eat so much Top Ramen.
8. Bunk Beds are not for the faint of heart.
7. Having mental breakdowns doesn't exactly mean you're crazy.
6. A $500 espresso machine does not a kitchen make.
5. The phrase "There's no place like home" has new meaning in my life.
4. They can hook up a satellite dish pretty much anywhere.
3. 4 Year olds have no problem whatsoever staying up until 10pm.
2. If you cram everything you own into a 50 square foot space, you don't even notice all the dirt.

And the number one thing I've learned from Garage Living is:

Being with your family really is the most important thing.

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