Monday, May 01, 2006

Spring in Idaho

I was lying in bed yesterday morning trying to motivate myself to get up. "Get up", I said to myself. Myself said, "No".
"Come on, get up."
"Not gunna do it."
"If you get up now, you'll have time to paint your toenails so you can wear your sandals today." I coaxed. "Remember how sunny and hot and beautiful it was yesterday? You don't want to be caught with unpainted toenails in your sandals and capris do you?"
"OK," I agreed, "I'm getting up". I drug myself from the bed in anticipation of the beautiful sunny day that lay ahead of me.
At this point, my son comes running in with enthusiasm that only a 4 year old can have that early in the morning and especially considering the words that followed.... "Mommy, come look, SNOWED last night!"
I went back to bed.

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