Monday, June 26, 2006

Big Horn, Big Fun

Every now and then, husbands will do something that make you decide that all the time and effort you put into training them is well worth it. Mine did one such thing last weekend. While our son was away visiting his grandparents, my husband arranged for us to spend a night in a fantastic Bed and Breakfast called the Big Horn Lodge on the Bull River in Montana. He kept it a secret for almost 3 weeks and then when he finally put me in the car, he lied and said we were going somewhere else. Very cool. In my opinion, we are rarely truly surprised in life and this was one of those wonderful moments. The B & B was great and we were the only people in there, as we went on a weeknight, rather than the weekend. We relaxed (which we really needed) and basically did nothing. The one thing we did do, was spend some time in the hot tub. When we went into the tub, it was dusky outside (almost the longest day of the year in Mountain time zone, so it was late, yet light), when we came out, it was even later, and very dark. We carefully replaced the hot tub cover and made our way up and across the deck to the doors of the lodge. Locked. Okay, no problem, there’s another door over there. Locked. Alright, it’s a bit of a trek around to the front, but I’ll go around and let us back in. Locked. The hostess had no idea we were in the hot tub and locked every door and went to bed. I guess sometimes having a nice quiet night can be a bad thing.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


By special request, here is another picture of Maggie. I don't have many, so this will have to do in a pinch. She is already 3 times bigger than she is in this picture and I'm minus one pair of slippers, one pink flip-flop, and 4 shoelace tips that she has chewed up! By the way, Maggie is the dog, not the kid.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Fishing – My Way or the Highway

Friday was beautiful and sunny. “Let’s get up and go fishing for a few hours.” My Husband said to me.

“Sounds great” I said. So I made a latte, packed a little bag, got our son ready and away we went to the lake. We launch the boat and head to the far side of the lake, he throws the fishing poles out (we’re trolling) and puts them in the rod holders, I tune the radio in our boat to some easy listening music and we sit back in the seats to relax.

I pull out my latte and dig in my tote bag for my Woman’s Day magazine. I am having a great time. The sun is shining, the music is playing, I’m drinking a vanilla latte and perusing brownie recipes. This goes on for awhile (fishing is a little slow), but no problem…because I’m having a great time.

Then, I get a bite. I see the pole bend, so I carefully set my latte down. I set my magazine down on the other seat where it won’t get wet. I go to get the pole, but the fish is gone.

“What are you doing???” He asks, incredulously.

“I’m fishing.” I say, calmly.

“That is NOT fishing.” He says “How can you be fishing if you’re listening to music, drinking a latte, eating donuts and reading a magazine!!!” (Did I forget to mention the powdered sugar donuts?)

“It’s actually pretty easy.” I tell him.

Then comes the guilt trip. “I brought you out here to spend quality family time and to FISH with you. How can we fish together when you’re doing all that other stuff?”

The guilt trip works. I put away the magazine and put the latte away, too (only after chugging the last few swallows…I wouldn’t let that go to waste). Then lastly, I turned off the radio. I finally turn to him and say, “Ok. I’ve put it all away so I can fish with you. What would you like to talk about?”

He looks at me like I’m from another planet and says, “I don’t want to TALK to you, just sit there and fish!”

So much for my great time.


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