Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Work, Please!

Yesterday marked another milestone in our house. My son's first day of Pre-school. I was extremely worried that tears would be shed and fits would be thrown, but as it turns out, the only tears were mine. He did great. The teacher told the students each to bring a teddy bear because they are going to study bears this month. I told him, "If you're nervous, just hug your bear tight." We got to the classroom and looked around at all the things to do and I asked him, "What would you like to do first?" He said, "I think I'd like to get my bear out of my backpack and hug him tight."

After I picked him up from school (I don't even like the SOUND of that) and we were back home, he was upset because he didn't have any homework. I gave him pages to do out of a workbook we have at home where he identifies objects and then circles or writes the letter that it starts with. While he was doing that, I read a note the teacher sent home with the kids. It said, "This month we will be working on the letters A, B, & C". I just laughed. I hope this teacher knows what she's in for.

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