Monday, October 30, 2006

Women of Faith

Recently I received an email from Women Of Faith saying that the speakers would be appearing on Dr. Phil. The email said, “The Women of Faith Team is Spreading the Word on the Dr. Phil Show”. So I watched. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The TV Guide said the show was about women with phobias. I figured that because Patsy Clairmont suffered from Agoraphobia, they would be discussing that in some way or using it as a segue to other topics. Here is what was actually on. Patsy Clairmont did discuss her Agoraphobia, Marilyn Meberg talked about her germ phobia (in true hysterical Marilyn style). Here is what was NOT on the show. Not ONCE was name the God, Jesus, Lord or anything similar spoken. Not ONCE did any of the Women of Faith talk about their Faith in God. The show had NOTHING to do with spreading the Word, NOTHING to do with Christianity, and NOTHING to do with the Women of Faith. They barely even referred to the WOF as such. Mostly they called them inspirational speakers who speak at inspirational women’s conferences. It was completely a marketing ploy.

I am a WOF supporter and was blessed by a wonderful conference this spring. However, I could not help but feeling anger and disappointment at what happened on Dr. Phil. Of course the reason WOF were on Dr. Phil in the first place is because Robin McGraw (Dr. Phil’s wife) has been taking the platform as a WOF speaker. While I would never make judgments about Robin McGraw’s salvation, I have serious questions about her qualifications as a WOF speaker. At any rate, it was very clear that WOF was more concerned with gaining audience and market share and profit than spreading the word of the Gospel.

It’s great that a large audience of people was exposed to Women of Faith, it would have been far greater had they been exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or even to the fact that that’s what Women of Faith is all about (supposedly).

If you happened to see the WOF on Dr. Phil or have concerns you’d like to express, you can email and voice your opinion. I did.

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto Salvation to everyone who believes.” ~ Romans 1:16

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Skinny on Pants

The clothing industry is so frustrating!! All I have heard for the past couple of years is how “boot-cut and straight leg jeans make you look thinner”. “Avoid tapered leg pants to make your hips and butt look smaller”. “Look for a pant with a slimmer thigh and wider or straighter through the calf”. I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree. The recent trend in jeans has been fabulous, probably the best in several years. So what did I see plastered all over MSN a day or two ago? The new “in” style in pants….the (get this) SKINNY PANTS. What exactly are skinny pants you ask? Definitely not pants that make you LOOK skinny. No, they are pants that ARE skinny. Skin tight and tapered to just above the ankle (sort of like a pair of leggings from the 80’s). They accentuate every curve, lump, and bump you have. Especially the ones you are trying to hide. What is the fashion world thinking?? And, on top of that while we’re visiting the 80’s, you might as well throw in a pair of the other latest thing….leg warmers. Yeesh. I can only pray that as the stores stock their racks with skinny pants and leg warmers that they don’t go as far as adding those horrible aqua sweaters with crazy purple and yellow designs on them. Heaven help us as we strive to live through this and get back to normal pant-wearing.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

So Not Fair

Life never ceases to amaze me. While preparing for a recent vacation, I spent an entire 2 days washing clothes, packing, making preparations and reservations, making sure that every little detail was taken care of to ensure that every member of the family had the best time possible. My husband threw his clothes in a duffle bag 30 minutes before we packed the car and pulled out of the driveway.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Blogs are Back in Town

Gosh, I guess fall has gotten away from me. Time to get back to blogging. A few days ago my son came home from pre-school and announced, "I said an F word today at school". I was horrified. Where in world would he even have heard such a thing? What would the teacher (a friend from church) think? Did he get in trouble? I thought this would come much later in life than 4 years old.... He interrupted my whirlwind thoughts and said, "Foot. That was my word. Today's letter was F and everyone had to say an F word". Whew. Never a dull moment in the world of parenting.


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