Monday, October 30, 2006

Women of Faith

Recently I received an email from Women Of Faith saying that the speakers would be appearing on Dr. Phil. The email said, “The Women of Faith Team is Spreading the Word on the Dr. Phil Show”. So I watched. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The TV Guide said the show was about women with phobias. I figured that because Patsy Clairmont suffered from Agoraphobia, they would be discussing that in some way or using it as a segue to other topics. Here is what was actually on. Patsy Clairmont did discuss her Agoraphobia, Marilyn Meberg talked about her germ phobia (in true hysterical Marilyn style). Here is what was NOT on the show. Not ONCE was name the God, Jesus, Lord or anything similar spoken. Not ONCE did any of the Women of Faith talk about their Faith in God. The show had NOTHING to do with spreading the Word, NOTHING to do with Christianity, and NOTHING to do with the Women of Faith. They barely even referred to the WOF as such. Mostly they called them inspirational speakers who speak at inspirational women’s conferences. It was completely a marketing ploy.

I am a WOF supporter and was blessed by a wonderful conference this spring. However, I could not help but feeling anger and disappointment at what happened on Dr. Phil. Of course the reason WOF were on Dr. Phil in the first place is because Robin McGraw (Dr. Phil’s wife) has been taking the platform as a WOF speaker. While I would never make judgments about Robin McGraw’s salvation, I have serious questions about her qualifications as a WOF speaker. At any rate, it was very clear that WOF was more concerned with gaining audience and market share and profit than spreading the word of the Gospel.

It’s great that a large audience of people was exposed to Women of Faith, it would have been far greater had they been exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or even to the fact that that’s what Women of Faith is all about (supposedly).

If you happened to see the WOF on Dr. Phil or have concerns you’d like to express, you can email and voice your opinion. I did.

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto Salvation to everyone who believes.” ~ Romans 1:16


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Did you happen to record it?

Cari Johnson said...

Thanks for posting. Sorry, I did not record it, however, had I known what I do after watching it, I definitely would have.

Amy said...

Every once in a while I Google "Robin McGraw" and "Women of Faith" to see if WOF has ever regretted its decision to have Mrs. McGraw as a speaker. Do you know if they have? I did see that Dr. Phil show, not knowing what it was going to be about, and, after thinking that I recognized the name of one of the guests, I checked it out and found out about WOF.

I was VERY disturbed.

1 Cor. 5:9-13 clearly states that, while we are NOT to judge unbelievers, if a person claims to be a Christian, we ARE to judge them by their actions and lives.

Robin may be a nice person, with some good ideas, but is Jesus Number One in her life? If not, why would WOF use her as a speaker?

While searching for answers about this, I saw a post by someone who stated that, at the conference that she attended, Dr. Phil, himself, came out to introduce his wife to the audience. At that time, one of them said that the two of them ARE Christians. And yet, while my kids and I used to watch the Dr. Phil Show together, I no longer do, and I no longer allow my kids to, because more and more often Dr. Phil has to be bleeped out, and he has become more and more accepting of certain things that God clearly states are sins.

Can you ease my mind about WOF? Yesterday I was offered two free tickets to Revolve Tour, which I had been told was a teen version of WOF, put on by WOF. I would not accept them, because of my opinion of WOF using Robin McGraw as a speaker, and because I needed to make a decision quickly about accepting the tickets.

While I have many non-Christian friends, at least I know where they stand when they give me advice about something. But if I attend, or if one of my kids attends, a Christian conference, I want to KNOW that, while imperfect, the speakers' lives, hearts, minds, and souls belong to Jesus.

Your thoughts, PLEASE?

Cari Johnson said...

I haven't seen or heard anything from WOF expressing regret for having Robin McGraw as a speaker, but I did notice on the WOF website that she is not a guest speaker at this year's conferences. Admittedly, I have not routinely "looked" for an apology. I did email WOF expressing my concerns, but got cliche answers about "trying to reach the most people possible". My issue was less with Robin McGraw being a speaker (although that did bother me) and more with the appearance of the ladies on the Dr. Phil show.

I really do enjoy the WOF ministry and do not want to make judgement calls about Mrs. McGraw's salvation (she does claim Christianity), but I was extremely disappointed at the way Christ and Christianity was obviously avoided on Dr. Phil's show.

I suppose each one of us must judge for ourselves how we will respond.

Amy said...

Thank you for your comments.

I do remember reading, several months ago, about someone who contacted WOF, and received the same response that you did...something along the lines of, "trying to reach the most people possible". I remember that that response upset me more than anything else I've heard, read, or seen...including the actual Dr. Phil show with the speakers from WOF.

I believe that the intentions should be to have, as I stated in my previous comment, those women who's lives, hearts, minds, and souls belong to Jesus...then let God take over with reaching the most people possible.

Well, one good thing has happened...I pray more, now, for Dr. Phil and Robin.

Thanks, again, for your comments.

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