Monday, November 13, 2006

Dark Day For Showers Everywhere

This morning at 5:45 (yes, I WAS up...don't look so surprised) we were having a big wind storm. It had snowed a couple of inches during the night and then warmed up and now was raining on top of the snow, creating gross slush. Anyway, at 5:45, the power went out. Probably a result of heavy, wet snow or a tree taking out the main line somewhere. Of course power outages mean not only losing power, but water, as well. After finding and lighting candles (a huge task because who knows where all my candles are since we just moved), I gathered my clothes and my makeup, and my myriads of hair care products (and my son and his clothes, etc...) and headed to my best friends house (in my pajamas) at 6:45 for a shower. (thank goodness for best friends).

Her and her husband graciously cleared out of the bathroom and master bedroom. I dropped my heap of stuff, got situated and started peeling my clothes off to jump in the shower. zzzzztttt, zzzzzttttt......darkness. Her power went out. Definitely not funny. So today I'm wearing extra deodorant and yesterday's hairdo. It's good thing that posting pictures on blogs is optional.

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