Saturday, January 06, 2007

Holidays & Blogging Don't Mix

I wholeheartedly agree with statement that “Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix”. But over the past six weeks, I’ve also learned that “Holidays and Blogging Don’t Mix”. Over Christmas and New Years (along with a couple of birthdays, a large church fund-raiser, and an anniversary thrown in) I tried to write on my blog several times. Obviously, that didn’t pan out. I titled this post 4 weeks ago when I realized that amidst Christmas shopping, wrapping, baking, preparing, etc… that I was never going to get to my blog. But, I couldn’t even log in to post a sentence or two. Then I tried, just a day or so before Christmas, to give my humble (and slightly bitter) commentary on the cutesy holiday phrase “Hustle & Bustle”. It gives connotation of someone happily scurrying around to accomplish their Christmas to-do list all the while smiling and humming “Winter Wonderland”. Hustle & bustle, my eye. My hustle and bustle was more like a full on panic attack complete with chest pains, dizzy spells, and a bad case of carpal tunnel caused by last minute online shopping and having to shovel the winter wonderland in my front yard on a daily basis. I decided to scratch that post, as well. I’ve learned my lesson, next year I will not even attempt it. Holidays and Blogging don’t mix. And remember to spread the word, friends don’t let friends blog and do holidays.

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