Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Have you seen my mind...

...I really miss it! I don't know what it is lately. I enter a room and can't remember why I went there, I open Internet Explorer because I intend to browse to a website and can't remember what site I was going to look at, and here's the kicker, I have recently been calling my son by the dog's name. Not good. I expected these things to happen to me quite a lot later in life. Not now. Not at thirty-something. (Did you really think I'd say my age? Okay, okay...it's 35, but that's not old, right?)

Anyway, a major area of my life that suffers because of this constant forgetfulness is my blogging. Let me explain...I wake up in the morning. (That's a good thing). My mind is fresh. I'm well rested (usually, unless a certain 5 year old has decided to crawl into bed at 1am, taking up as much of the bed as if he were a 6' 8" man weighing 400 pounds...but that's another post altogether). I have a few quiet moments to myself before life really takes over. Here's the thing...in the shower, as I put on my make-up, even as I drive to work, I have these GREAT blog ideas. They're witty, they're clever, they're informational, they're whatever a good blog post is supposed to be. However, by the time I park my car and get in front of my computer, the thoughts have COMPLETELY vanished. Not just that I can't remember the exact words I wanted to use, but I'm talking gone, see ya, adios amigos. And thus, you are left to read posts like this one. My apologies. Blame it on the brain.


Anonymous said...

A couple of things.

First- I also suffer from being forgetfull. Half the battle is recognizing it. I use a little recorder in my car, cost like 25 bucks. I speak all my ideas in it and once every couple of days I listen to it. It really helps me out with my biz.

Second- You need to call me. I heard you have stuff going on.


Cari Johnson said...

I own one of those voice recorder things...I just never remember to use it. How's that for irony? I'll call you soon.


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