Monday, February 19, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby – Part 1

I’ve sort of been sulking around for the past couple of weeks. Last year at this time we were just returning from our first trip to Hawaii. This year, however, I am painfully reminded every time I look out my window, that spring is still a LONG ways away and there are definitely no palm trees swaying around here. It seems that rather than the sunshine and warmth I’m praying for, the Lord has seen fit to answer my prayers in a different way, a way that can be summed up in one word. Ice.

Not only has it rained on top of all our snow and then re-frozen into an icy tundra in our yard and surrounding property, but for some strange reason, ice has become an integral part of our recreation lately.

For starters, my Grandparents took my son and me to his first Hockey game last weekend. He absolutely LOVED it. I knew he would think it was great, but I was worried that by the end of the first period, he would be ready to head for home. Not only was I woefully wrong, but he was pretty adamant that we buy tickets for the game the next night as well. (We didn’t). He came to the game wearing a T-shirt with the team logo and carrying a cow bell and hand clappers for the appropriate noise-making. Before the game even started he had added a light-up hockey player pin and a puck to his collection, and by the time the second period started, he also had a hockey stick in hand. He’s considering changing his desired profession from Race Car Driver to Hockey Player and has already left black “puck marks” all over the white trim in my hallway. Either way, I’m doomed.

Secondly, my son and husband have recently become infatuated with ice fishing. I have issues with this on so many levels that I think I better save some of my dissertations on ice fishing for my next post. Let’s just say that my enthusiasm is not quite at the same level that theirs is and I have never prayed harder for spring to arrive.

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