Thursday, March 08, 2007


If you don't cook, don't read any further. If you do cook, please pay close attention, because this is a desperate plea! As I said before, the adjustment period of getting back to work full-time is taking it's toll on my blogging creativity, but not only that, but my cooking creativity, as well. My poor family is getting tired of chicken and steamed veggies, which seems to be the only thing I can come up with lately. So here's the plea... Please post comments with your favorite casserole recipes, especially ones you can put together ahead of time and bake later. If anyone will participate, we could all possibly reap some benefit from this (or it could go very badly...but we won't go there). So post your recipe as a comment and here's a Blogger tip, if you didn't already know. Even though my latest post shows up at the top of the page, if you actually click on the post and view it in it's own window, it will automatically show you all the comments others have made. Thanks in advance from me and my family for pulling me out of the pit of monotony.


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