Sunday, March 18, 2007

Humble Pie (or Chicken Caesar)

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall – Proverbs 16:18”.

At my job, there is a weekly afternoon meeting. This particular meeting is attended by representatives of several different departments, including myself. My new company is very casual by nature and it’s not uncommon to see everyone in jeans and t-shirts with the company logo on them. The day of my first meeting, I picked something especially “Business Casual” looking to wear. I wanted my new co-workers to think I was competent and business minded. The meeting was cancelled. The next week, on the appropriate day, I carefully chose my clothes, knowing it was meeting day, and again, wanting to make a good impression. The meeting was cancelled. By the third week, I had pretty much shown all my cards in regards to available outfits in my closet. I had nothing left. As a matter of fact, I was already beginning to acclimate to the culture of the company and showing up in my jeans most days. However, in one last attempt to show my competency, on meeting day I chose Khakis and a crisp white shirt. (How prideful can one be?) All morning I was careful to not do something sloppy like dribble coffee down my chin and on to my white shirt. Then I went to lunch, ordered a Chicken Caesar Wrap, and promptly… dropped it in my lap. Then I attended my meeting. Next week, I think I'll wear my Levi’s and a t-shirt.

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Michelle said...

i'm laughing out loud cari! but laughing WITH not at. :) i can identify all too well! fun to stop by and see what you're up too. blessings!michelle


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