Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby - Part 2

I have lived by a lake for 16 years. Every year, as I drive by and see the ice fisherman I comment to my husband how STUPID they must be. Let me list some of my reasons why...

1. The lake was not made to walk on (unless you are Jesus, or possibly the Apostle Peter)
2. Often you can see the water pooling on TOP of the ice on a warm day.
3. Heaven forbid, you have to actually touch a slimy fish, there is no place to wash your hands, except in the freezing cold water.
4. The bait used is Maggots, yes you heard me correctly. - Enough said on that one.
5. Hello? It's freezing out there.

Ice fishing is definitely on my list of top 10 stupidest things to do. I have not made any attempt to hide this opinion from my family and friends. I swore I would NEVER go ice fishing.

That was my first mistake. I'll give you one guess as to where I found myself a couple of weeks ago. Yep. I did it. I suppose it sort of goes along with my post on A Mother's Love. My Husband and Son have taken quite a liking, no scratch that, a full on LOVE for ice fishing. Within 2 weeks of the first time they went they had gone to the sporting good store and purchased ice fishing poles, reels, pole holders, and other assorted paraphernalia. As is often the case in my life....I'm doomed.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok. I wrote this big ol long comment on how fun it was to have your family fishing and all that wonderful stuff and I couldnt figure out how to send it so this is what you get! It really was fun to see your husband and son catch their first perch icefishing and Im so glad that we all got to fish together after that. It was'nt so bad was it? Love Jennifer

5:18 PM

Cari Johnson said...

Ha! Yes, I know it was pretty fun, especially watching a 5 year old pull fish after fish out of the lake. He sure loves it! I won't name and names, but I totally blame your husband for all of this!


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