Monday, March 12, 2007

My Non-Negotiable

Although I view Life ass a series of giving and taking, there are certain things that are non-negotiable. Things that are not up for discussion. Items that must go into the suitcase for a trip, no matter how little room there is. Household goods that are simply not acceptable in generic form. My non-negotiables.

One of the biggest non-negiotiables I have is my blow dryer. There are many things that I could get by without during the course of my morning routine. My blow dryer is not one of them. It's totally non-negotiable. Take away my toothbrush? I can brush with my finger. (It's totally gross, but I could do it) Take away my shower? I'm not that stinky. I can make it one day without a shower. Take away my mascara? I can put on extra eye-liner. But you take away my blow dryer and you have a brunette version of Bozo the Clown. Take this morning for example. I put all the normal goo in my hair to tame down my natural curls and waves. I begin blow drying. Let me clarify that....I have JUST begun to blow dry. Click. Pop. (strange smell) Blow dryer turns off. "No, no, no!". "Please....NO, NO, NO!" I try to turn it back on. I try to reset the thingy on the wall that you have to push sometimes if your blow dryer overloads the circuit. Nothing. I yell. I scream, I plead. Nothing. I wait. "Maybe it overheated". I blow into the front and back of it to cool it off. Nothing. Let me mention, that at this point in time. I am getting VERY angry.
I put on a hat, drove to town to my In-laws house. I banged on the door. "Please, let me in. I NEED a blow dryer!" My mother in law lets me in and takes me into her bathroom. She hands me something that looks like it was manufactured in 1903 and says, "Sometimes if you blow it on high, it stops working." "Great." I said, unenthusiastically. (Did I mention I was angry by this time??) I finally got my hair dry and actually ended up at work 10 minutes early.
"Hey, this didn't turn out so bad. It's going to be an OK day after all." I'm thinking to myself. Then I realize. I'm locked out of my office. It went downhill from there.

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