Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I think I'm dying. I'm having withdrawls. I'm not sure I can cope. I'm going to the doctor today for a test to help determine why I'm having dizzy/lightheaded spells, but that is not the source of my torture. It's 7:30am. I'm ready to go, but don't need to leave until 8:00. So I'm sitting here....staring at my espresso machine. "Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours before the test." the instruction sheet said. "Hmmm. Do you really think they mean NOTHING?" I ask my husband. "Yes, I'm sure they mean nothing." How come when something is denied you, that is when you crave it the most? I go many mornings during the week without making a latte, but today it's pure torture. I think I'll go over and smell the beans.


Anonymous said...

Boy...I can relate! I'm having a "procedure" done tomorrow and can have nothing to eat or drink from 7 p.m. tonight on. Not even a swallow of water when I brush my teeth in the morning. you...maybe I'll just smell the beans and hope the caffeine kicks in via osmosis!;-)

On a more serious note, I will pray for wisdom/discernment for the dr., and that the problem can be diagnosed/treated easily!

Cari Johnson said...

Thanks for your prayers! I'm sure you won't see this until after the fact, but I hope you get a chance to read it later and know that I'm praying for you as well. The longer I'm a part of the family of God, the more and more I appreciate the fact that we can hold one another up before the Father. What a blessing! I'm praying all will go well today for you! ~Cari


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