Saturday, June 16, 2007

English Please?

On a recent trip to visit my parents, my Son, my Mom, Dad and I were chatting in the kitchen shortly after we arrived. The dialog went like this:

Son: So, Grandpa, was it hot here today?

Dad: Yes, it was hot, also humid.

Son: What's huma mean?

Dad: Well, humid means that it was muggy and it felt like it was going to rain.

Son: Huh?

Mom: It means it was damp out, even though it was warm.

Son: Huh?

Me: Honey, humid means that it feels sticky outside.

Son: (long pause) So, uh, Grandpa....was it hot here today?


Anonymous said...

That's cute--kids are sooo fun to listen to. We were taking care of grandchildren over the weekend and I was taking them for a walk. T&L's 3 y/o son, Connor, saw someone mowing their lawn and said, "Look, Nana, someone's vacuuming their yard!" ;-)

Cari Johnson said...

Ha, Ha! Yes...I love some of the things they come up with. What I love most is how they are so innocent and sincere in the things they say. It's wonderful! Mom told me the Grandkid count will be going up in your family...congrats!


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