Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Rumor Mill

When you live in a small town, even the most insignificant things can excite you. Wow, a new stoplight!! Yippee, they repainted the lines on the highway!! Hooray, the lawnmower drill team will be performing in the 4th of July parade!! You get the idea. However, every so often something truly spectacular really does happen. The addition of Starbucks and Walmart to our little town is a prime example. Well, the rumor mill has been really been churning the past week. It started when my husband and I were having lunch in the diner. I was sitting near the cash register and as someone came up to pay their bill, I over heard the word Costco. I gave my husband the "Shut up, NOW!" hand signal so I could listen in. Unfortunately, he does not know what the "Shut up, NOW!" hand signal is, so he continued to talk. But I did my best to tune him out (comes pretty naturally) and I was certain I heard "Costco...edge of town..." Oooh, this could be huge, I thought. Now you must know that our town is infamous for thinking certain business establishments are coming and then never having them show up. Because of this, I put the Costco thing out of my mind.

Two days later, my husband came home and said the Costco rep has been in town frequenting our larger businesses attempting to get people signed up for memberships. Ah-ha! Confirmation! I'm still skeptical, but I'm holding on tight to my wallet, because if Costco does show up here, I could end up very broke. All I need is a Target and an Olive Garden and I would never have to leave town again.

If you read this and live in my area (You know who you are), you are under obligation to divulge any information you have regarding this issue!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear.. Costco... I won't have a penny to my name anymore. Can it be true?? I'm with you on Target and Olive Garden...wouldn't that be a dream!

Cari Johnson said...

I'm hanging on to my wallet and my treadmill. I'll end up eating "Costco Dogs" at lunch everyday! If you hear any news regarding this, be sure to let me know!


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