Sunday, July 08, 2007


My Mom and I were talking about my cousin and his wife being out on a “date”.

“What’s a date?” My son asked.

“It’s when you go out to eat or something so you can spend some time together.” My Mom explained. “Someday you’ll go out on a date...maybe with Sally or Jenny.” (names have been changed to protect the innocent).

“Oh.” My son looked unenthusiastic and there was a long pause as the little wheels turned inside his head. “Or,” he stated triumphantly, once the answer came to him, “I could go with Johnny!” (his best friend in the whole, wide world).

“Well, Sweetie,” I explained, “A date is when a boy and a girl go out together, not two boys.”

“Oh.” He said again. (another long pause) “Well, what do you call it when two boys go out?”

“Wrong.” I said.


Anonymous said...

Okay, had to forward that one to all the "kids." What a hoot--laughed out loud! :-)

Anonymous said...

I also did not know what a date was, then Leona explained it to me.


Cari Johnson said...

Glad you enjoyed was pretty funny watching him think the whole thing through. He was pretty adamant that he would rather go out with his buddy than any girl.

On a different note, prayers are going out for T & L (and the rest of the family) for their loss. I know first hand how awful that is. I'm praying God's peace and grace for them.

Cari Johnson said...

You're lucky she married you! You better brush up on your dating and keep on her good side :-)

Anonymous said...

ohh my... the things children say. That definitely makes a good email to send out... lol


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