Friday, July 13, 2007

God Knows....

...when we need a good laugh. Like much of the Northwest, it's been HOT where I live. Most of you know we built a new house last year. I love it. It's beautiful. No complaints. OK, one small complaint. We don't have an airconditioner...yet. We plan on it, but you know how things go. You get busy, you forget, you run out of money...whatever the reason, it just hasn't happened yet. Temperature in our living room and kitchen has been hovering around 90. Yikes!

Needless to say, after a hard day working, coming home to a 90 degree house, cooking dinner and doing the normal routine, we have all been slightly cranky. Husband yells at me, I yell at son, son yells at dog...poor dog, he's the bottom of the food chain at our house. Anyway, the point is, we are hot and cranky.

Last night we all head down to the basement, which is nice and cool and flop on the couch to watch TV. Did I mention we are all a little cranky? Nobody is smiling, everyone is tired, we have no enthusiasm. (except possibly the one of us that is 5 years old). We flip on the TV and "I Love Lucy" comes on.

Not just any "I Love Lucy", but the critically acclaimed "Vitameatavegemin" episode. Within minutes, we are all hysterical. We can't stop laughing. I understand the argument of not laughing at drunkenness because it's sin and sin is not a laughing matter. And usually, I'm all about that argument, however, come on, it's I Love Lucy...besides she didn't know the Vitameatavegemin contained 23% alcohol.

The point is, we laughed our heads off and then it was getting late and time for bed, so we headed back up into the heat and resumed yelling at each other. All in all, not a bad night.

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