Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who's Kid is That Anyway?

I can accept the fact that once in awhile strange things happen. Computers crash for no apparent reason, doors are open when you swear you closed them, the car keys aren't there and know for sure that's where you put them, etc, etc... But when something happens twice you have to ask yourself why? What's going on? This is more than coincidence... it's a pattern. Hmmmmm. Very interesting. Will it continue to happen?

For the past two nights in a row, I have experienced something that makes me ask such questions. Pertinent to this post is the fact that I love ice cream. It truly boggles my mind how some people only eat ice cream once in awhile, like as a treat or something. For me, ice cream is a staple. Bread, milk, flour, eggs... ice cream. It's NEVER not on my grocery list. I try to choose the low fat or sugar free varieties because of the quantities I consume, but either way, I eat ice cream EVERY night.

So, like I said, the past two nights, I'm dishing up a big bowl of ice cream for myself. Well, actually, it's a fat free, sugar free chocolate Blue Bunny bar. Actually really yummy and fulfils my ice cream needs without turning me into a size 42. (My husband always tosses in the obligitory "How-can-you-eat-that-junk-it's-not-really-ice-cream") But that's not the point...

I ask my son, "Honey, do you want me do dish you up a bowl of ice cream? We have vanilla and some chocolate syrup."

His reply comes back, "Mom...can't I just have an orange or a banana?"

"Scuze me? A what?"

I was stunned but quickly gave him an orange with the wonderful realization that there's more ice cream in the house for me. If anyone has any used clothes in a size 42, please pass them my way!

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