Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Filthy Feet

My family and I recently attended "Family Camp " for our church. The weather was hot and everyone spent the weekend in shorts, T-shirts, and sandals or flip flops. I brought jeans and sweatshirts and they never even came close to making an appearance. They were thrust to the bottom of the suitcase or the back of the closet in our little travel trailer.

Each night before we climbed into bed, I had to scrub my son's feet down because they were caked with the dirt, grime, and black sandal residue that comes from spending countless hours running around in hot, sweaty sandals, barefooted, or a combination of both. Talk about disgusting. But, as I silently observed, I noticed many others with black, yucky feet. Kids, men, and yes, even...women. Eew. Upon further examination, my own feet didn't look so great either.

This got me to thinking about Jesus demonstrating servanthood and washing the disciples feet. Of course, this is a story and principle about Christ that I have heard since I was young. However, I always tended to think that, sure, the disciples must've had some dust on their little piggies, but it wasn't that bad of a job. I took the meaning to be more in the imagery of the act of servanthood, than the fact that the feet needed washing. I mean, come on, I've changed some diapers that required a full body HAZMAT suit. Feet can't be that bad. But after seeing the Family Camp feet I know that they were that bad. I don't even like to wash my own son's stinky, dirty feet, let alone another full grown human being, but Christ stooped down as an example to us of how to serve, and not just a token example, but a "need-to-scrub-between-the-toes" example.

I have a new appreciation for the fact that the King of Creation would kneel down to wash feet. My feet or yours...if we had been there. Next time I'm called to do a distasteful task, I will remember the feet and the example Jesus set for me.

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