Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tech Troubles

My internet is down. I know, you’re asking, “If your internet is down, how can I be reading this?” I’m a computer person. I know these things. Trust me. It’s down. I have a service called Wild Blue. It’s a satellite service and I’ve heard other customers complaining that when the weather is bad, the satellite signal is lost. Up until this time, I really didn’t believe them, nor did I care much. (It’s funny how things really don’t become important to you until they affect you personally.) I’ve been hooked up with Wild Blue since early spring and have gone through summer with reasonably little trouble. Tonight, though, we’ve had a change in the weather. The sky is dark and tumultuous, it’s been raining off and on all day, and apparently the Wild Blue satellite is not happy about it. I, in turn, am not happy about the satellite being unhappy. My internet is down.

My family spent the weekend in Seattle watching the Mariners play and tromping around the Woodland Park Zoo. We saw amazing animals, stood in awe at the size and magnitude of Safeco Field, shared funny moments and each other’s company. We laughed at the penguins, cheered so loud our voices hurt, and ate french fries with so much garlic on them that I can still taste it and everyone around me can probably still smell it. We paid five bucks for diet Pepsi and 25 bucks to park our car. We got three Raul Ibanez bobble-head dolls, a keychain with my son’s name on it and a Mariner flag for his bedroom wall. He got to pet a millipede from Africa that was the size of a snake (I wouldn’t touch the thing) and watch a hippo open his mouth so wide he could’ve fit right inside and I really wanted to tell you all about it, but…um, my internet is down

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