Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mrs. What's-Her-Name

I had an English teacher in High School that was crazy. Really. She was certifiable and everyone knew it. I won’t mention her name for the sheer fact that I know there are readers of this blog that went to high school with me. Even though I’d like to prove a point, it’s not my intention to defame anyone. Anyway, she was nuts and it was rumored that one rainy day, because she couldn’t find a parking spot in the teacher’s lot, she left her car running in a loading zone in front of the school office, went inside, taught first period, then returned and moved her car. The more intense rumors even added that she left the driver’s door open.

I just returned to my office from being away for lunch. It is raining VERY hard. I drove up to the front of the parking lot, near the entrance to my building looking for a parking spot. Rats. The lot was full. The only space was REALLY far away. Did I mention it was raining HARD? For a minute or two I considered Mrs. What’s-her-name and eyed the loading zone space right in front of the building. Maybe she wasn’t so crazy after all. As a matter of fact, maybe I’m the one who’s becoming a little loopy. As the rain pelted me in the head as I left Walmart (that’s where I was during my lunch hour…what a charmed life I lead.), I saw a lady with one of those plastic rain bonnet things. My first thought was, “I sure miss my Grandma.” My second thought was, “Maybe I should get one of those.” My third thought was, “Maybe I should get a lobotomy for even having that thought.”


Anonymous said...

That was a great blog. And so was the last one. I would have parked in the loading zone. That fact is, we are all very crazy.

Your cuz

Anonymous said...

hahaha! That really gave me a giggle! You know though, there are things called umbrellas...they are much more stylish than those bonnets. ;) But then again, I wouldn't want to carry around an umbrella, so I would probably park in the loading zone too. haha!

Darlene Schacht said...

Love the last line! We are hilarious as we age.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't laugh, my wife wears those bonnet things, the funny thing is, that they actually don't
look that bad :/ maybe they'll
make a comeback???

Anonymous said...

I miss your grandma too...but I sure wouldn't get one of those plastic rain bonnet things. I'm glad you came to your senses.
Love, Mom


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