Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gone But Not Forgotten

Hi, all. It’s that time again. You know, the time when I’ve terribly neglected my blog and have to come crawling back. If you’ve hung around here long, you know it happens every now and then. This time, though, I have a great excuse. Well, at least I have an excuse. I’ll sum it up in two words. Family Vacation. Yep, and when I explain, you’re sure to grant me pardon for my non-blogging time. I’ll try a new exercise and rather than describe the whole thing, I’ll give you some key phrases and you can let your imagination fill in the blanks. Here they are…

4 Day Road Trip with a 5 year old
DVD Player broken after 10 minutes of first movie
12 solid hours of “I Spy With My Little Eye…”
Snow in Yellowstone
Worms on the hotel room floor (lots of them)
Not a Starbucks to be found
Internet Access? What’s that?
Full Flight, no seats together
Poison Ivy

Ok, so in reviewing my list, it seems a little unbalanced. There were also these things…

Family time sharing stories and laughs
Observing God’s beautiful creation
The Old Faithful Inn
The biggest Elk I’ve ever seen
Face to Face with a one ton Bison
Friends we haven’t seen in 10 years
Running in to friends from home while we’re 1800 miles from home. (Weird)
Seeing family we love and miss
Country cooking and eating until you cant’ stuff another bite in
5 Year Old in the cockpit of a Boeing 737
God’s safety and provision

All in all it was a great trip. I even took my laptop so I could do some blogging/writing. I did a little, but I kept pausing for a nap in between paragraphs, so somehow it never made the final cut to get posted. (That and the fact that there was no internet to be found…life is simpler in Walnut Grove, Missouri)

I’m leaving for a business trip for a week, but I promise when I get back home, I’ll get the posts rolling again. Don’t give up!


Anonymous said...

oh thank you I have stopped the shaking and trembling... withdrawls you know! O.K. I think I can make it till your back! Have a great time, see ya when you get home, my prayers are with you two. Love, Jen

Cari Johnson said...

Ha, I know you'll be fine! We sure missed ya last week. :-)

Anonymous said...

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