Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Love at the Latte Stand

I know God loves me. I've learned it in Sunday School since I was a little girl. I've sang it in songs and memorized Bible verses that tell me so. God loves me. In real life, however, it's often hard to imagine God being concerned with the daily details of my life. They seem too mundane. Why would he care if traffic was backed up and I was late for work? Does it matter to him that the bathroom sink is plugged up or that the dog threw up on the carpet? Does it move Him to compassion that my tennis elbow has flared up and I can barely move my arm or that I'm a half a cup of sugar short for the recipe I'm making? Sometimes I wonder.

The other morning, I was praying as I was commuting to work. This is a normal habit for me. "Lord," I asked, "I know your Word says you love me. Would you please demonstrate your love for me today in a tangible way? Will you do something obvious that reveals that you do, in fact, love me and care about the mundane details of my life?"

At my office, they make really bad coffee. (My apologies to anyone from work who might be reading this, but you know you can't deny it). The coffee stinks. After praying, and as I continued to drive to work, my urge to avoid having to drink the office coffee, and therefore stop at Starbucks grew. But I knew I was too late. There was no time. Maybe I could drive through one of the local coffee stands? No, that would never work. The Latte Chalet, which is right on my way, is always jammed tight with cars at ten minutes to 8:00. I was desperate...even if I was going to be late, I would brave the line.

As I came down the street, I couldn't see any cars "sticking out" of the drive through, but that doesn't mean anything, because the long line is after you turn the corner and have full view of the place. But, as I came around, I saw an amazing sight. It was 7:53 and there was not a car in sight. At first I thought the Chalet was closed, but nope. I drove right up, ordered my double latte and pulled into my office by 8:00. Now, that's the love of God if I've ever experienced it!

I'm thinking I should pray that same prayer every time I get a last minute urge for coffee, but something tells me that it doesn't really work that way...

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