Sunday, January 06, 2008

Soaring or Flapping in 2008?

I love New Years. I’m all about making resolutions, some written, others mental. I love the feeling and sense that no matter what the previous year has brought forth, there is always a day and time to start over; to reflect on things past and look forward to things to come. Some, who know me, make fun of me, but I can’t help myself. I relish the feeling that I’ve been given one more chance to improve myself, to be a better mom, wife, worker; to be healthier, closer to Christ, less stressed. New Years is the representation of all this and more to me. Call me crazy, but I’m addicted to New Years.

A few days ago I was driving to work I was in full “New Years Euphoria”. I was pondering all things present and past. One of the nice things about the area I live in is that my daily commute is beautiful. The trees, mountains, valleys and large lake I drive by serve as a natural springboard for praise to God for his handiwork in creation and my life. As I started out onto the bridge to cross the lake, a very large Bald Eagle flew above my green sedan. With his huge wings spread, he soared effortlessly back and forth across the bridge. It was breathtaking. I nearly crashed my car attempting to keep my eye on him, rather than on the road in front of me. I watched as long as I could and the huge bird finally glided off in a different direction.

The bridge is two miles long. Hopeful of seeing the eagle come back, I kept watch toward the sky. My heart jumped a little when I saw him return. “Cool, there he is again.” I thought. But wait, something was wrong with the second bird. Definitely not the same bird. He wasn’t soaring effortlessly like the first one. As I continued nearer to him, I realized that it wasn’t eagle at all, but a duck. He flapped in the breeze. He struggled, he flailed. No soaring going on, whatsoever.

I laughed out loud as I watched the duck flap by. Not so much at it, as at myself. So many times my life is perfectly represented by those two birds. I have high hopes and aspirations of soaring through life like the eagle; solving problems with ease, and changing course effortlessly when required. But all too often, I am the duck. I flap and flail my way through my days and problems. I fight the winds instead of soaring with them.

As I consider the New Year ahead of me, I think of the way that I can ultimately soar, rather than flap. The book of Isaiah says, “They that wait on the Lord…will rise up on wings like eagles.” In 2008, I pray that no matter what circumstances come my way, my mainstay will be to wait on the Lord, for only he has the power to keep me soaring.


Anonymous said...

Cari, I don't make "resolutions," per se, but as the year comes to an end I do like to reflect on God's blessings, and then how I might better honor Him in the year ahead. I make a "prayer commitment" in my heart on the first day of the new year. This devo was thought provoking and I plan to print it out to put in my devotional book to reflect on again next January 1!
Blessings...PD in CO

Cari Johnson said...

Thank you and I can sure appreciate spiritual reflection of the year past and prayerfulness for the one to come. I have found that the past few years, in particular, after I mull over all my resolutions and wishes of things I would like to change, I ultimately find myself boiling it all down to one know and serve God better each year. Blessings to you and your family for 2008!


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