Sunday, February 17, 2008


I’ve heard you can determine a woman’s personality by the contents and arrangement of her purse. I used to agree with that theory, but now I’m not so sure. Being an organized, want-to-be perfectionist, I’ve always been one of those girls who felt the need to keep my purse in order. I certainly didn’t want to schlep around a huge bag, so my motto was keep it small and keep it organized; a place for everything and everything in its place. Recently, however, I feel my once tightly held views slipping away.

I didn’t intend to buy a big purse, but somehow it happened. It’s sort of like picking out your Christmas tree or a big screen TV…it looked smaller at the store. After I got it home, I realized it was quite huge, and it didn’t help when one of my husband’s friends, who is an avid hunter, told me that it looked like I could pack half an elk in it.

Nonetheless, I faithfully started carrying the purse. What transpired over the following days was amazing! Rather than carefully file away each item, receipt, and dollar, I began to stuff everything into the one large cavity of my new bag. The resulting feeling was euphoric! No more organizing. No more orderly compartments! No more conserving space. I pay, I stuff, I go. Who knew life could be this easy? Well, actually, my Mom probably knew, because she’s operated this way for a number of years (sorry, Mom). So I guess I must come by it naturally, or maybe this is the beginning of my mid-life, purse crisis. Whatever the reason, my purse-onality is definitely changing!


Anonymous said...

My purse-onality is changing too. I decided to buy a small purse like you, thinking it would force me to get organized, but now I have a small purse with a very large mess in it. I think I'll go back to the big one.

Cari Johnson said...

I'd like to encourage you to return to your old purse ways, but honestly, I've been scared looking in your purse before. Maybe you should try the organizing thing a little longer!


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