Sunday, March 09, 2008


It might be hard for you to believe this statement, but every now and then, I drive my husband a little crazy. I don’t do it on purpose. Somehow, he and I just don’t see eye to eye on some things. He has no understanding of the importance of owning the same pair of shoes in both black and brown. He can’t figure out why I eat sugar free ice cream then dowse it in chocolate syrup and peanut butter. He doesn’t see the need for rearranging all the furniture in the living room, just because I’ve bought new throw pillows for the couch. I do many things that he simply cannot fathom. (Come to think of it, I’m not sure I understand some of it)

I think, though, that the coup de grace, the grand-daddy of all my offenses is when I drive with the air conditioner on “high” and the windows rolled down. On a beautiful, summer day, that’s my favorite way to ride. It makes perfect sense to me. I get all the benefit of the fresh air, yet keep myself perfectly cooled. I love it. It’s bliss.

With the coming of spring and a new Jeep to be cruising in, however, I’ve discovered a new bliss. When I break this one to my husband, he’s going to come uncorked. I suppose I could just try to cover my tracks, but I know I’ll be forced to share my secret, as he regularly reads this blog and so it cannot be both kept and blogged. It’s probably better I break it to him myself anyway, because sooner or later, my son is going to spill the beans.

My new bliss… Heater blasting, seat warmers on high, sunroof wide open. That’s springtime driving at its finest!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with either of those. I do them both and Leona yells at me for it. The bottom line is, you cant beat fresh air! you paid for the features, who cares how you use them.

Cari Johnson said...

That's what I say! If you would turn the air on high with the windows up, what difference does it make to roll them down?? It's not like your house where you're paying an electric bill. I'll take fresh air anywhere, anytime!

Anonymous said...

Oh Baby will you take me for a ride?I have been driving like that for a long long time and it would be even funner with the roof open! Love Jen


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