Saturday, March 22, 2008

Does God Care?

I've been wondering lately if my mundane concerns matter to God. Does he care about the small things that bother me or is he looking at me with sorrow, wishing I would set those concerns aside and focus on him instead? I know the standard Christian answer is yes, God cares about all my problems. I Peter 5:7 tells me "Cast your cares on him for he cares for you.", but I often can't shake the feeling that he is somehow disappointed because I even have these cares in the first place.

Wouldn't he be happier with me if I didn't obsess about the extra 5 pounds I've gained. If he would speak audibly to me, wouldn't he gently rebuke me for focusing on my worries and my to-do list, rather than my relationship with him? Does he think my cares are silly? Maybe. But, recently, I started looking at this a little differently.

As a parent, I see my son care about some very silly things. rocks, sticks, straws, scraps of paper. They are definitely insignificant. However, to him they are essential. They are the world he lives in, and no matter how much I try to tell him that caring about a rock is silly, he still cares about it. He just does. And because he does, when I talk to him about his rocks, I treat them as one of the most important subjects we could discuss. I let the rocks be significant to me, because they are to him. I think maybe the same holds true with God. He knows our cares are silly, sometimes we don't. He sees the bigger picture. We don't. But, as a loving parent, he cares about our "rocks". He doesn't condemn us. He recognizes our issues for what they are and encourages us to cast them on him, all the while telling us that our concerns are important to him. He is aware of them and cares about them because he cares about us.

So the answer to the question I’ve been asking myself seems to be yes in both theory and reality. God knows each and every one of my cares. He knows some are silly, but still, he is deeply concerned about them because he loves me. My silliness and his love are not mutually exclusive. Praise his name for that!

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