Saturday, March 15, 2008

Huey’s Greatest Hits

The other day I heard that Huey Lewis has just released a new version of his song “Workin’ for a Living’” as a duet with Garth Brooks. I’m a huge Huey fan. In fact, not long ago, I bought a greatest hits CD which has become one of my new favorites. Snappy songs like “Happy To Be Stuck With You” bring back memories of zipping around town in my yellow Honda Civic with the windows down and the stereo blasting. Life was carefree and good.

Life hasn’t been terribly carefree for me this week and being “Stuck With You” took on a whole new meaning this morning (Although, it was more like “Stuck On You”). I suppose I better back up a few days. Last weekend, I ran down to Kohl’s for a big sale they were having. I bought a couple of shirts (for work, of course), brought them home, and clipped the tags. I left the tags, along with those little baggies with the extra buttons in them, on the edge of the bathroom sink.

I usually try to tidy up the bathroom each day, but as I said, it was an especially bad week. I had a server crash at work and put in some long, stressful days while trying to recover everything. Needless to say, cleaning up the bathroom wasn’t my highest priority. So, the tags and baggies were left to sit. This morning, while blow drying my hair, the air from the dryer unknowingly blew one of the button baggies right onto my extra hot flat iron. The baggie stuck and melted on to the flat iron. (Have you ever accidentally got the bread bad too close to your toaster or stove? You get the idea.) In addition to a gooey, sticky, mess, I had a really bad hair day.

I guess it’s not completely fair, but I’m going to blame the whole incident on the fact that I was “Workin’ for a Living.”

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