Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogging in Style

One of the places we stayed on our recent vacation was the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel. It was beautiful and I've always wanted to stay there. We got in late and it wasn't until the next morning that I actually realized that the hotel is most often touted as a "romantic getaway" kind of place. Then I understood why we got strange looks as we came with our 6 year old. But regardless, it was fantastic.

We stayed on the second floor and getting to our room required a short trip on an old, manually operated elevator. We were not even allowed to ride alone. A bellhop or hotel staff person is required to operate the thing. I guess there must be a trick to it. The bellhop was busy with another couple, so the front desk girl gave us our ride up. However, she moved the manual lever to stop the elevator a bit too soon, so we had to step up about 6 inches to exit. Because of the "cage" like door and lots of rattling noises, the ride up made me a little nervous, but, all in all, was pretty cool.

The rooms at the hotel are small, nicely restored, but, obviously older than if you were staying at the Hampton Inn. (Thus the description of "Historic" of this hotel). But the first thing that caught my eye as I entered our room was not the decor, nor the size of the room... It was the 40 inch LCD TV with a private computer attached to it. (Remember I said I left my laptop home?) My heart leaped! The TV functioned as both the computer screen and a regular television (I'm stating that fact for the non-technical among us who might not understand the coolness of it all) I'm thought I had died and gone to technology heaven.

Now the story turns to tragedy. I sat down at the computer and went to my favorite website, It was awesome, there was my blog in 40 inches of living color. I could feel my creative juices starting to bubble up. But as he looked at the huge screen from across the room, the pastor realized he had not caught up on my blog in awhile and decided he needed to take a look at what I might have said about him lately. He's a slow reader. By the time he was finished, my son was getting terribly bored. Not a lot for a kid to do in a small hotel room. To appease him, I had to pull up the Spongebob Squarepants website and let him play some kiddie games online. And so the tragedy ends...I never got to actually write a blog post on the dream machine. Next time I think I'll just smuggle my laptop in.

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