Monday, April 21, 2008

The Double Standard

When you go on vacation, you often have time for reflection. For me, this is not always a good thing. I end up realizing things about myself that aren't pretty. For example...

Occasionally, various members of my family come for a visit. If it's a long visit, or we have a house full of guests, I find myself getting annoyed that they don't tidy up after themselves more. In reality it's probably just that we are cramming more people in to the same living space that I'm used to being in with only three people. But either way, as I push aside candy wrappers, newspapers, and dirty dishes, I find myself mumbling under my breath and wishing someone would have left enough space on the kitchen counter for me set my cereal bowl down and eat.

Here's the strange thing that I realized during my time of vacation introspection; When I am the guest (at least this holds true at my parents house) I am the slob. It must have something to do with knowing it's temporary or that I can be irresponsible with little consequence, but I'm appalled at the person I become. Sleeping in until 9:00am, unmade bed, clothes everywhere, belongings scattered throughout the house...I have no idea what gets into me.

I've come to realize there's no remedy for this situation so I just close the bedroom door and hope my Mom doesn't see the mess and tell me to clean my room. In the meantime, Mom is in the kitchen scowling because she doesn't have anyplace to set down her cereal bowl.

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