Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Twilight Zone

I'm not sure what's happening to me. I'm confused. I can't get my bearings. I feel like I've entered a strange new dimension of time and space....perhaps (dun, dun, duh) The Twilight Zone.

Last night, I found my son clearing the table and putting food away while my husband and I lazily watched the evening news. This morning, I went in his room to wake him up (son, not husband) and the light was on. I peeked my head in, but didn't see him in his bed or in the middle of the room. As I stepped in and closed the door to see what was really going on, he stepped out from behind his open closet door....fully dressed!

Only if you had witnessed the morning battles in my house over the simple act of getting clothes on, would you understand the magnitude of this event.

What could have possibly gotten in to him? Where was this coming from? Was he sick? Delusional? Possibly a high fever would cause this kind of behavior. Then all at once, I understood as he looked up at me, smiled his toothless six year old grin and said...

"Now can I have five bucks?"


Anonymous said...

haha!! There had to be a reason for the cleaning the kitchen! I was just about to congratulate you and say how I envied you and wished mine would clean the dishes! What kids wouldn't do for money.

Did his outfit match?

Jeff Dahlberg said...

Ah, yes, it's all about the Benjamins. My kids are often trying to finagle some cash out of me, usually for the silliest things they think of as work.

We have had trouble with getting up in the morning too, but suddenly, as long as I agree to drive them to school instead of taking the bus (which is less than a mile trip) they are up and dressed--ready to go. Although I still have to persuade my son to comb his hair. I'm sure that will change too when the girls no longer have "cooties."

Cari Johnson said...

Yeah, cash talks, I guess. The bus thing sounds like good incentive, but my problem is that we live 1 mile from the school, too. The bus doesn't doesn't even come here; we have to drive him anyway!

I also have the opposite problem with my son's hair...he wants to comb it himself, rather than letting me do it. He's still learning "combing skills" and I'm afraid if I let him go to school like that, he'll get beat up.

He is also already engaged, so I suppose he somehow skipped the "cootie" stage. The wedding is scheduled for late 2025. I'll be sure to send all the Gintbergs invitations.

Cari Johnson said...

Vanessa, I wouldn't get envious just yet. I told him the other day to clear the table and he told me, "I've already done that once." I guess he's been there, done that.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there, complete with my walker and wearing my Depends! :-)
And...I'm sure she's blonde...?
PD in CO

Cari Johnson said...

Absolutely blonde! I'll try to post a picture just for fun in one of my next posts. :-) I'll look forward to seeing you at the ceremony!

Vanessa aka Rain said...

haha! I bet if he knew he was getting money every time, he would be more open to clearing the table.

Combing hair is a problem here too. Mine insists on doing it himself, and when he's done, I ask if he's going to comb his hair. haha!


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