Monday, June 09, 2008

Sanity: Going Once, Going Twice…Gone!

I’m not really a girl who likes yard sales. I’m not sure why, but there’s something that makes me feel funny about looking through the leftovers of someone’s life while they sit off to the side and watch me. At the same time, I’m not crazy about airing my wares for others to paw through, either. Admittedly, I’ve picked up a few treasures at yard sales, but I’m never really that proud of it. I’d just as soon run down to Wal-mart and buy a new, clean one of whatever it is I’m looking for.

All that being said, in a moment of weakness, this weekend I agreed to go with my husband to a farm auction. I guess it wasn’t really so much a moment of weakness, as it was me not understanding exactly what a farm auction is. In case you’re not familiar, let me enlighten you. A farm auction is like a yard sale on steroids, with a few exceptions. Exception number one, you can’t actually buy anything until the item you want comes up for bid. Therefore, you must stay at the auction all day in order to get your two dollar pair of hedge clippers. Exception number two, it really is an auction, therefore, there’s no guarantee that after waiting all day to purchase said hedge clippers, that you will actually be able to buy them. Finally, exception number three, a farm auction is full of rusty, old, tools, car parts, ropes, gears, tractors, and other such gadgets. Rarely have I seen such a vast amount of stuff that I had absolutely no use for.

This particular auction was at a beautiful country farm. There were several out outbuildings; little sheds and barns and such. The auctioneer moved from place to place around the farm; in and out of the barns and lean-tos, and a crowd of people followed. We’ve been having unseasonably cold weather and the day was about 50 degrees, at most, and there was a steady pouring rain. Not helping.

About two or three hours into this thing, as we entered one of the barns, I saw something that caught my eye. A very new looking, Maytag double oven. Mom and I had just been having a conversation about how cool it would be to have a double oven for hosting parties and large holiday meals. Of course, I have no place to put one, but I eyed the oven anyway. It was the only thing that remotely interested me in that barn. I stood in amazement as bales of old wire sold for 25 bucks, mismatched window panes were argued about, and highest bidder got their choice of pitch forks. Then the auctioneer turned to the double oven. All right, I thought, now we’ll see some real action. I suppose those who attend farm auctions are more interested in tools and wire and tractors…the double oven went for five bucks. I was dumbfounded that these people would pay $40 for a box of rusty screws, but barely give one bid on a cool double oven. At that moment I knew if I didn’t get out of there quickly, my sanity, like the other people’s there, would be going…going…gone.


Vanessa aka Rain said...

Oh man a double oven for $5?! WOW!

I can't figure it out... junk sells for tons while something cool goes cheap? Hmmm... maybe I'll go to one of these auctions! haha!

Anonymous said...

Your intro perfectly captures why I no longer go to garage sales:
"looking through the leftover's of someone's life while they watch..."
Having them yourself is even worse! For $5 you should have bought the double oven and remodeled your kitchen--HA! :-)
PD in CO


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