Friday, July 11, 2008

Age is a Relative Matter

Getting old stinks. Those of you who are younger than me are probably thinking, "Yeah, I bet it does, old lady." Those of you around my age are probably thinking, "Girl, you got that right." and those of you older than me are probably thinking, "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

In the long hours that I waited around the hospital while the pastor had open heart surgery, I have to admit, I felt pretty young. There weren't very many other 37 year old wives sitting around the cardiac waiting room (actually none). I felt proud of myself each time I climbed the 60 stairs to the 3rd floor where his room was, rather than ride the elevator with everyone else. (When you hang around ICU with a loved one who has just had heart surgery, you have this sudden and overwhelming urge to do healthy things like "take the stairs".)

Since we've returned home, the chores have fallen mostly to me (and any help I can scrounge up). One thing we're very excited about around our house is the arrival of what passes for a lawn. It's not perfect; It has some weeds mixed in, but hey, it's green and we mow it and we're thrilled after 2 years of mud and dirt in the yard. However, this new, exciting lawn is large and needs to be mowed often, so I've found myself pushing a mower quite a bit (which I really haven't done much of since my little brother got old enough to run the lawn mower for my Dad and I was relieved of my mowing duties in about 1985).

In the midst of all this stair climbing, lawn mowing, and filling in for my husband as my son's wrestling partner while Daddy is healing, I've noticed something strange. My left hip hurts. Those words sting, even as I write them. "My HIP hurts". That's something I didn't figure would be coming out of my mouth for another 20 years, at least! This can't be happening. I'm young. There's no way my hip can hurt. I can have sore muscles, I can be tired, I'm even okay with an achy lower back...but my way!

I guess I'll have to take some Tylenol Arthritis along with my cholesterol medicine from now on. I might as well add Geritol to the growing list of pills I take. Getting old stinks.


Cyndee Prieskorn said...

My daughter feels the same way as you do about getting old. Having knee surgery after being told her cholesterol is high, was a real blow to 33 year old woman. I reminded her that my health was worse when I was in my thirties and now that I am in my fifties, I have never felt better. There is hope! If not, hold on to 2 Cor. 4:16 "Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day."
Spiritually we are becoming healthier everyday!!

Cari Johnson said...

Thanks, Cyndee! I'd love to be in half as good of shape as you are when I'm your age. At least I can tell myself that my "inner woman" is being renewed daily! I'm so glad this earthly body is only a tent... :-)

Anonymous said...

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