Sunday, August 17, 2008

Married To The Pastor

Last Sunday, The Pastor preached about marriage and divorce. Being that I’m actually married to him, it’s always interesting for me to sit in the front row and listen to what he has to say on this topic. I’ll admit, sometimes as he’s describing what a godly marriage should look like, I think to myself, Yeah, right, Buddy. What about that doozy of a fight we had last night that started over whether the color teal is actually blue or green. (Yes, that has been a real fight). There have been times in the past, as The Pastor stood behind the pulpit and yammered on about love, respect and submission in marriage, that anger welled up inside me. How could he be such a hypocrite, I’d ask myself. This man has no idea what he is talking about! (There’s a small possibility that I was a little bitter…evidenced by the fact that I use the phrase “yammered on”)

This past Sunday was different, however. Actually, the topic was divorce, not so much marriage, but it’s pretty hard to talk about God’s view of divorce without mentioning the marriage part. But as The Pastor spoke, I found myself pondering years past and the times I thought it might just be easier to walk out the door and never look back. I felt a strange blend of humility and thankfulness for the ways God has grown our marriage. I thought about how grateful I was to hear The Pastor preaching on this topic and not have any negative feelings, only those of love and respect toward him.

I was especially glad to hear him talking about the importance of giving grace to each other because halfway through the sermon I remembered that I left my kayak gear in his truck and I promised him I would take it out 4 days ago. Oops. Good thing we have grace in our marriage.

Another topic of the sermon was “two becoming one flesh”. Of course this has obvious meaning for the physical part of a marriage, but The Pastor was speaking of it on a different level. It touched me to hear him talking about two people really becoming a part of each other and melding into one. I figure if we’ve been married almost 19 years, we should be making good strides in the “oneness” area. Maybe that means we begin more and more to like the same things, to have the same hobbies, to enjoy the same pastimes. That sounds good to me as long as we’re talking about him coming shopping with me, but definitely not me going deer hunting with him. On second thought… maybe a little “separateness” is healthy. This one of us is going to the sale at Kohl’s.

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