Sunday, September 07, 2008

Not New Forever

The Pastor often tells the story of a friend who bought a shiny new pickup truck. As is others watched, said friend took a large sledge hammer, walked to the back fender of the truck, and in one powerful swing put a large dent in the new truck. Then he said, "There, I'm glad that's I don't have to worry about it anymore."

Let's just say, I don't have that same philosophy. It's my goal to keep all my new stuff as new looking as possible. I want to protect and preserve. I like things shiny, intact, and most importantly...working.

In my last post, I showed some pictures of our new travel trailer on it's maiden voyage. This trailer is a bit longer than our last one, so I've been extremely nervous about dragging the thing around for fear of smashing into something with it. (Of course, this does not reflect at all, my confidence in The Pastor to handle the trailer...I'm just an inherently nervous person) Much to my pleasure, my skilled husband was able to manuever the trailer around with no problems. We came back home, backed the trailer into the driveway and had nothing to report except a weekend of fun.

Once the trailer was safely set in place, we all got to work on our respective unpacking jobs. When we were done unloading, I went into the house and started the laundry. From the house, I heard our riding lawn-mower (which we also recently bought) fire up. I laundered, The Pastor mowed. After awhile, I looked out the window and and saw our truck parked in a strange spot. Worried that the pastor might be loading or lifting something he shouldn't, I went out into the yard. The truck had a tow-chain hooked to the lawn mower. Hmm, strange, I thought.

Right then, The Pastor came walking around the corner. He looked a little shaken. Just as I asked him what was going on, I noticed the dent in the trailer...then the one in the lawn mower.

Apparently, I should have worried less about the maiden voyage of the trailer and more about its safety while parked in the driveway. Somehow, The Pastor lost control of the riding mower and it took off down the hill (with him on it)...where it smashed into the side of the new trailer.

I know things can't stay "new" forever...but I was hoping for longer than two weeks.

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