Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Unexpected

My son and I have been waiting for the snow to arrive so we can go sledding. If you’ve known me long, you know that’s an amazing statement to come out of my mouth, or in this case, keyboard. I’m a sunshine and warm weather sort of girl. But last year, during the winter from you-know-where, we got so much snow that the only thing I could do was buy some gear and go out and enjoy it. We have a great hill at our house and have been chomping at the bit to get the sleds out again this year.

It’s funny how often we get the things we wish for, but not in the way and circumstance that we wanted them. The snow showed up, but so did a nasty sore throat and sub-zero temperatures. We have three feet of snow, but there’s definitely no sledding going on.

It happened again a couple of days ago. I desperately longed for a day off to putter around my house, wrap presents, and bake cookies. With Christmas being a prime time of year for overload freak-outs, there are times when I feel like if the world doesn’t stop spinning and let me off, I’m going to…well, I don’t know what I would do, but it would be ugly. So I badly wanted a day off. I got it off alright….I spent it lying on the couch sick as a dog, looking at our Christmas tree with nothing under it and wishing I felt good enough to get up and wrap some packages.

Sometimes it’s the same with my faith. I want God to answer my requests and then I’m confused or upset when he doesn’t do it exactly like I expected. Yet when I stop to think about it, I’m so glad he doesn’t! I, for one, can’t even count the times I’ve profusely thanked him for not giving me what I asked for in the way I thought I wanted it. Isn’t it wonderful that He thinks outside our tiny, narrow-minded boxes and gives us just what we need and in the very way we need it?

Before the beginning of time, God knew I needed a savior and he sent one in the most unlikely and unexpected form, a baby. This week, as you think about your Christmas expectations and the gifts you might receive; pause, take a deep breath, and thank God for the one he’s already given you.


Amy Jo said...

Oh, Friend!!! I hope and pray you are feeling better...and that you are able to get some sledding in this winter. We have about half the snow you do...and are desperately needing it to melt so we can enjoy our holiday plans!!! Ugh. Although we have had LOTS of fun playing in it. Praying health and peace over your family. BTW - your post was really powerful! Loved your closing. :-)

Anonymous said...

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