Thursday, January 01, 2009

Set Yourself Up For Success

It's that time of year. Here come the resolutions and goals. Even if you won't verbalize them, I know you have them. I sure do. All the regulars come to mind; lose weight, spend more time in God's word, get serious about my writing career, etc... But over the past few days, I noticed a strange thing happening. As I think over my goals for the year, I find myself...

Eating Christmas cookies while reading up on Weight Watchers. Buying and previewing (while eating ice cream) workout DVD's, but not yet working out. Cleaning and organizing my home office where I write, but not actually writing anything. Reviewing Bible study materials online, rather than studying my actual Bible.

It would seem that I have good intentions, but so far, no movement toward accomplishment. In the past I've given myself quite a beating for acting like this, but this year, I have a different perspective. I'm choosing to be deliberate. I'm exploring my options before I jump into goals that I'll never keep. I'm testing, preparing, even practicing for the things I intend to do. I'm setting myself up for success, rather than failure.

The goals you and I have for 2009 won't just happen. So often we're frustrated because we rely on our willpower to make a change, but we've not done anything to help us prepare. We have the goal, but no direction, no plan, no path.

One of my favorite sayings (my paraphrase) is, " He who continues doing the same thing and expects different results, is a fool". When the new year rolls around, how often do we make the same resolutions time and time again? How often do we punish ourselves when we fall flat on our face? Yet, we haven't done one thing differently from years past.

This year, whatever your goals are, get the tools you need. Find the support you need. Don't follow the crowd, but find what works for you. Do your research, and most importantly, pray for God's strength rather than your own to help you accomplish them. Then...get to it! Set yourself up for success!

Happy New Year!


Kelly H-Y said...

Hi Cari! It was so great to see your name on my blog! You mentioned my e-mail address ... it was also on my Xmas card, right above the blog address (or below ... one or the other!). LOVE your blog ... great posts, and love the snowflake background too. Hope you're doing great ... loved your Christmas letter. Talk soon!

Kelly H-Y said...
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