Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hangin' With The Old Folks...Of Which I Am One

My Birthday was this week. It's not something I'd usually draw attention to, but I guess there's no denying it, so I'll go ahead and admit it. The Pastor is really giving me a hard time about it because I'm on the downhill slope to a major birthday coming in a couple years. He thinks it's hysterical. I don't particularly think he has room to laugh. His birthday was last week and and now we not only get a billion pieces of junk mail from AARP, but he's well within his rights to ask for a senior discount when we go places. There's just something wrong about that. It doesn't seem to bother him, but the thoughts of our family going to the movies and asking for one senior, one adult, and one child, makes me a little woozy.

I spent my birthday in Cannon Beach, Oregon and we're still travelin' down the coast, so I'll have to give you all the gory details when I get back. But for now, you might want to say a prayer for us old folks dragging our RV down the highway and one for our son who has to hang out with the senior citizens. Poor kid. The Pastor and I rode the bumper cars with him and played miniature golf, but I had to draw the line at the "Tilt-a-Whirl". A Mother's love (and guilt) only goes so far...especially on her Birthday.


Kelly H-Y said...

Ahhhh, Cannon Beach ... my absolute favorite place on the Oregon Coast! So glad you got the chance to take a getaway for your birthday! Safe travels! BTW, you are not old ... because I'm the same age as you, and I'm not old! :-) Enjoyed your post ... very funny!

Cari Johnson said...

Thanks, Kelly! I had a blast in Cannon Beach. Mom and I found this fantastic coffee shop and at pizza by the slice in between shopping. So fun! Yeah, I suppose I could have offended some of my friends who are the same age as me. Sorry!!!


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