Saturday, May 30, 2009

You Are Here

I stand in front of a huge map. The print is small and parts of it are hard to see, but I don’t really care. I’m looking for something specific and I know it will be easy for me to see once I spot it. A quick scan of the diagram and I find it. The big, red dot. “You Are Here”.

In my opinion, you can’t get very far in life if you don’t know where you’re starting from. We all need to take assessment of where we are before we can begin the journey to where we want to go. We have to reflect on, and admit to, our true current-state in order to make an intelligent decision about the path we want to follow. You’re lucky. I paid a lot of money for a therapist to tell me that and I’m telling you for free.

However, now that I have an idea of “where I am” the question that’s been plaguing me for the past couple of weeks is, “How in the world did I get myself into this?” At least for the purpose of this post, I’m not talking about sinful situations, just the unexpected things of life. You know, you’re rolling along in your comfort zone and all of a sudden, you find yourself teaching a class you feel inadequate to teach, counseling someone who’s going through a crisis beyond what you can even imagine, or leading a large project at work that you’re sure someone else is far more qualified to lead. Pow! There’s the question staring you right in the eyeballs. “How did I get myself into this?”

I’ve been asking myself that question a ton lately and the only answer I can come up with is actually a very simple one. I didn’t. God has brought these situations into my life for a reason. He got me into this. I just need to find my red dot and acknowledge “I am here”. “I’m on my way to there, and God is directing the path I take along the way.”

So remember to look for your red dot and…enjoy the journey!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Technical Stuff

OK, I have nothing to post, but I'm testing a link between Married To The Pastor and my Facebook page. Sorry for the false posting, but check back soon for something real.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Language Barrier

"Hey Mom, Spencer's Mom is going to call you and see if I can come over to his house sometime and play."

"Okay, groovy."


"I said, groovy."

"What does that mean?"

"It means cool."

Long pause

"In what languauge?"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Cometh…or Does She?

Last week my son had a dentist appointment. He had a really loose tooth, so the dentist “helped” it come out and gave it to him in a little box. The Pastor warned the son, “Don’t lose that tooth or the tooth fairy won’t come.” But like most seven year-olds would do, he immediately lost the little box, and the tooth was gone.

After work, when I saw my guys at dinner, my son came running up to me crying.

“I lost my tooth,” he wailed, “and now the tooth fairy won’t come.”

Not knowing what The Pastor had told him, I assured him “It’s okay, tooth fairies have a way of knowing that a tooth has been lost, even if it’s not under your pillow.” By bed time, the poor kid was completely confused and climbed between his sheets not really knowing if he would find money under his pillow or not.

I hadn’t been sleeping well for about four or five nights prior to that one, so I did something rare and took a sleeping pill. As I was lying in bed, beginning to get extremely groggy, I asked The Pastor if he was going to stick to his guns or go ahead and put some money under the pillow. I knew his answer before he gave it. One thing I know about my husband is that despite his tough-guy exterior, he’s one humongous softie.

Here’s where the story gets sad and slightly embarrassing. Neither of us had any money. The only thing we could come up with was to borrow money out of my son’s own piggy bank and pay it back later. (So much for those Parent of the Year awards…) By this time I'm barely putting together a coherent sentence, but I know that he’s got it covered, so I let myself drift off to sleep. Dilemma solved…or so I thought.

The next morning, I awoke to my son standing beside the bed looking at me.

“Well, I guess the tooth fairy didn’t come.” he said as he climbed over me into the bed and crawled under the covers between The Pastor and I.

“Are you sure?” I asked him. I knew I was drugged the night before, but I had a distinct recollection that the plan was that The Pastor put a five dollar bill under his pillow. (Don’t even get me started on the price of a lost tooth these days!)

“Yes,” my son said, “I’m sure. But something else really strange happened last night.”

“Oh yeah, what?”

“Well, I found the five dollar bill that Granny gave me for my good report card under my pillow.” I snickered and poked The Pastor. “Honey, I’m pretty sure that money was from the tooth fairy.”

“No, Mom, it really was my report card money from Granny!”

“How do you know that?” I asked him.

“It still has the sticky note on it that says ‘Good job!! – Love, Granny’”

Sleeping pill or not, that’s the last time The Pastor will be responsible for the tooth fairy duties.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Music Monday - Lord I Don't Know

I love the latest trends in music over the past five years. Have you noticed that a lot of Contemporary Christian music has focused on worship? That's definitely the case with the Newsboys. Their older albums were full of fast-paced quippy (hmm, is that a word?) lyrics, lots of guitar, and a bit of an edgier sound. However, many of their later albums have been focused on worship. I like both styles of the Newsboys, but I especially love their CD, He Reigns - The Worship Collection. Even though I think this whole album is fantastic, today I'd like to highlight one specific song.

In my last post, I talked about the writers conference I just attended. Writing is a strange and wonderful thing for me. If I have free time, just for me, I'd rather sit down and write than do just about anything else. There are a few problems with that though. First, I almost never have time to sit down and do something just for myself and second, I struggle with huge questions and doubts about how I should be using my writing for the Lord and where to focus my time in light of my already cram-packed life.

He Reigns - The Worship Collection includes a song called Lord, I Don't Know. It's also included on a previous Newsboys CD I own called Thrive, so I had heard it before I bought this CD. I always liked the song, but after the conference this weekend, it has taken on new meaning for me. Here are a couple of snippets from the lines:

"You are the author of knowledge
You can redeem what's been done.
Lord, I don't know where all this is going
or how it all works out.
Lead me to peace that is past understanding,
A peace beyond all doubt."

Whatever you might have questions about in your life, remember that though we don't know where all this is going, God is the author of knowledge and he can give us a peace beyond all our doubts. If you love traditional Newsboys, pick up a copy of Thrive, you like worship music, try The Worship Collection, or if times are tight just download a copy of Lord, I Don't Know from Amazon for 89 cents. You'll be glad you did.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fantastic Exhaustion!

There are many moments in life that both exhaust and exhilarate you. This weekend was one of those for me. Tonight, I'm in a hotel room. My tote bag, books, purse, notes, socks, and other miscellaneous items are sprawled all over the bed where I dropped them when I came through the door. My brain is completely full, but I had to get to my computer and get some words out before I drop off to sleep.

This weekend I attended the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal in Bothell, Wa. It was incredible! Writing (even blogging) can be a very lonely craft. Those who don't write, don't really understand it. I often wonder if I'm wasting my time. I constantly ask the Lord if it's even remotely possible that this is what he wants me to do. Surely I've misunderstood him. I argue that I don't have the time or talent needed to be a writer. Over the course of yesterday and today, he won the argument.

I won't give you all the boring "writing" details of the conference, but a couple of the highlights for me were:
  • Meeting my writing mentor from the Christian Writers Guild, Judy Bodmer
  • Getting some encouraging, positive feedback from a couple editors on my blog
  • Open doors for publishing some articles and short humor pieces.
  • Talking with other struggling writers who feel exactly like I do (and realizing that encompassed almost everyone at the conference)
  • And most importantly...being reminded that God does not care if 1ooo or one person reads my writing. It is completely by and for him.
For those of you who prayed for me concerning this conference (and you know who you are)...thank you! I was blessed beyond belief! Now some Haagen Dazs and off to sleep in a sugar induced coma for the perfect ending to my weekend. Now that's what I call fun!


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