Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fantastic Exhaustion!

There are many moments in life that both exhaust and exhilarate you. This weekend was one of those for me. Tonight, I'm in a hotel room. My tote bag, books, purse, notes, socks, and other miscellaneous items are sprawled all over the bed where I dropped them when I came through the door. My brain is completely full, but I had to get to my computer and get some words out before I drop off to sleep.

This weekend I attended the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal in Bothell, Wa. It was incredible! Writing (even blogging) can be a very lonely craft. Those who don't write, don't really understand it. I often wonder if I'm wasting my time. I constantly ask the Lord if it's even remotely possible that this is what he wants me to do. Surely I've misunderstood him. I argue that I don't have the time or talent needed to be a writer. Over the course of yesterday and today, he won the argument.

I won't give you all the boring "writing" details of the conference, but a couple of the highlights for me were:
  • Meeting my writing mentor from the Christian Writers Guild, Judy Bodmer
  • Getting some encouraging, positive feedback from a couple editors on my blog
  • Open doors for publishing some articles and short humor pieces.
  • Talking with other struggling writers who feel exactly like I do (and realizing that encompassed almost everyone at the conference)
  • And most importantly...being reminded that God does not care if 1ooo or one person reads my writing. It is completely by and for him.
For those of you who prayed for me concerning this conference (and you know who you are)...thank you! I was blessed beyond belief! Now some Haagen Dazs and off to sleep in a sugar induced coma for the perfect ending to my weekend. Now that's what I call fun!


Kelly H-Y said...

That sounds fantastic! I'm so glad you had such a productive and positive weekend! Open doors for publishing articles and short humor pieces?! Where oh where?! Wow ... sounds like fantastic information you received!

Amy Jo said...

Awesome, Cari!!! So glad you went, my Friend! Can't wait to hear more. :-) So happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...


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