Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life is Good

My son has a terrible habit of throwing his clean clothes into the laundry hamper. I know it's a common kid thing, but it drives me crazy and I can't seem to break him of it.

So this weekend I decided to show him what it really takes to actually do all that laundry that he's creating. I taught him how to sort clothes, load and start the washing machine, and transfer to the dryer.

I wasn't sure if any of my invested time paid off, but when I came home from work yesterday, my son casually said, "Hey, Mom, I did the laundry today. I took the white clothes out of the dryer, put the clothes from the washer in the dryer and washed one of the piles on the laundry room floor." And he did. And he did it well.

Yippee!! This is the day I've been waiting for. Life is good!


Kelly H-Y said...

Ohhhhh, that is GOOD!!!!!

Amy Jo said...

What a great idea, Cari! I'm starting to teach my kids new responsibilities (aka - get brave enough to let go of my expectations and not freak out about possible messes that result!) and it's been AMAZING! Wish I had been braver sooner. :-)

LOVE the Life is Good product line...Geoff just bought a new t-shirt.

Sending hugs from sunny Oregon!

Cari Johnson said...

Oh, yes...letting go of the expectations is so hard (with both kids and husbands!)

I love the Life is Good stuff, too. I was just looking at their tote bags online earlier tonight, but I refrained from the online purchase (for now) :-)

Anonymous said...

it's a AMAZING! I Wish I had been braver soon....


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