Monday, July 13, 2009

Lord, I am Here

"You're lost."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are. You're definitely lost."

"I know exactly where I am. I just don't know exactly how I got here or how to get where I'm going."

A familiar conversation to some of us. I'm not sure why it's hard for some to admit that they're lost. This is an equal opportunity blog, so I'm not mentioning any specific genders that might have more of a difficult time than other genders admitting when they're lost...I'm just commenting that sometimes it's hard to admit.

For others of us, we might not have a problem denying when we're lost, but we certainly don't want others to know the true condition we find ourselves in. I'd freely admit I can't find my way home, before I'd admit that my life was anything but okay. I often plaster on a smile and answer, "Fine...actually, great!" When asked the question, "How are you?" even though I know good and well that I'm having a record breaking crummy day.

In my post You Are Here, I mentioned that it's pretty hard to determine where you're going if you don't know where you're starting out from. I've been thinking about that a little more over the past few weeks and realize there's another element to that truth that I missed mentioning.

Once I locate my "Red Dot" on the map, I must be willing to acknowledge where it is that I find myself. Even more important than admitting my location to myself is being willing to admit it to God. Lord, I am here. I'm distracted, I'm sad, lonely, upset, furious, depressed... whatever the case may be. I might not like it, but I am here.

In the Psalms, David says that God desires truth in our innermost parts. I have to be willing to find where I'm at and then come to Him just as I am. Once you locate your red dot on the map, be willing to admit it to yourself, your family and friends, and most God. He already knows anyway, because, after all, he's the one who put you there.



Kelly H-Y said...

Beautifully expressed, Cari!

Amy Jo said...

Very well said, my Friend. And oh, how I love David! :-)

Hope your summer is going well!


Cari Johnson said...

Thanks, Guys! Summer is going well, and I'm bummed that it's almost half over! Kelly, I didn't get a chance to tell you, but no, I'm not making the reunion either.

Anonymous said...

Well written I Hope your summer would be well.....


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