Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Someone Must Love Me

One of the most fun things about blogging is discovering that someone enjoys reading something that I've written. It's not an ego thing (usually), but actually more humbling to know that I could possibly write anything that would bless or encourage someone else.

Each morning, my Blackberry automatically turns itself on and then makes various tweedle noises as emails are downloaded to it. Mixed with the rest of the emails I get from work and friends, are auto emails that I receive every time someone posts a comment on my blog. On a morning after I've posted something, I usually get a couple of these emails from friends.

The morning after I posted Farmer Pig Pastor, my Blackberry turned on and went crazy with emails. I picked it up to see what was going on. They just kept coming and coming and they were ALL comment emails from my blog. To cap it off it wasn't even one of my friends, but someone I didn't even know. There were 170 in all and I started to get a little excited. Wow, that post must have been better than I thought. Then I noticed that the comments were from lots (almost all) of my posts. Awesome, I thought. They must have liked my post so well that they went through and read everything I wrote. My pride began to swell. Then I noticed it....

CASH ONLINE GET EASY CASH AT YOUR DOORSTEP the bottom of each comment. They didn't like me at all. They didn't read what I had written. My blog had been spammed. Bummer. So thanks to all my friends who send a comment or two on my blog posts. I've learned I'd rather have one real reader than 170 fake comments. Too bad I learned it the hard way.


Vanessa said...

Oh no! That stinks! Is there anything that they DON'T spam these days? Sheesh.

Jeff Dahlberg said...

What's funny is after reading the first line of this entry, I was thinking back to my thoughts on the last one; that I should really send a comment about how much I do enjoy your writing and look forward to the next post. I may only be one voice, but you have blessed me.

Amy Jo said...

Ouch, Cari! That totally stinks. Argh.

I think perhaps it was just God's way of getting the pride monster out of the way before the real comments start flying in. Only then, the comments will be more than double the spam!

You ARE a very gifted writer! I know the comments help to keep us encouraged and give us the courage to keep putting ourselves out there. God's using you, my Friend! And I LOVE the way you write.

Big hug to the Pig Farmer's Wife. ;-) Amy

Cari Johnson said...

Thanks everyone for the REAL comments. The Lord always has the most interesting ways of humbling me! You are the ones who bless me!


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