Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Charging My Batteries

I left my house in a hurry last Friday afternoon. I was headed home to visit my parents (well, my Mom...I forgot that Dad was on a hunting trip and was bummed that I didn't get to see him). Anyway, I returned from an appointment around mid-day on Friday, picked up my son from school, ran home to pack for the weekend, and off we went.

When we were just far enough from home that we couldn't turn back, I realized that I left my Blackberry charger at the house. Bummer. I was going to have to watch my usage like a hawk, especially since roaming kills your battery.

As I drove, I thought I might listen to my iPod, but when I pulled it out of my purse, the battery was just about dead and I had to resort to doing things the old fashioned way and actually put a CD in the player.

The reason I was going home was to attend a baby shower for my cousin's third baby, who was born a couple months ago. Even in my rush to leave home, I remembered to toss in my digital camera, but again, as I was driving, realized I hadn't charged the battery in awhile and began to pray that it would hold out until I got home (where I had left the charger). As it turned out, in my stupidity, I left the camera in my suitcase at Mom's house anyway and didn't get one picture all weekend.

Hmmm, although I was unwilling to admit it was my fault, I was definitely noticing a pattern here.

This morning at 5:30 I sat in my home office staring at my open Bible in my lap. I felt spiritually tired and like most of my technology gadgets, I realized I had not charged my batteries in awhile. In the same way that I had remembered to bring my devices, but not the chargers, I was paying some attention to God, but I certainly hadn't allowed myself enough quality time with him to let him recharge my soul. In the 30 minutes that followed, I put my heart on the "charger" and God graciously refreshed me.

If your batteries are feeling drained these days, remember to spend some time letting God refresh you. He's in the battery charging business, if we'll just plug in and give him the opportunity.

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Kelly H-Y said...

Awesome comparison ... and a great reminder! Hope you had a great time with your family! :-)


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