Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Food Chain

Every now and then I delude myself into thinking that I actually have some sort of knack for growing things. Last year, I had this beautiful pot of petunias that had me on my high horse for awhile. Read this previous post and you'll see that I got bucked off that horse pretty quickly.

Following that, I managed to grow a few tomatoes and they even tasted remarkably good. Although in thinking that through a bit, my Dad was visiting on the weekend I was planting, and technically, he was the one who actually planted the tomato plant. Hmmm, not such a great track record.

This year, I've been shamed once again. Here is a picture of The Pastor's garden. (OK, that's not actually his, but it's a good representation of it. The only difference is that his has an eight foot fence around it. Yes, I said EIGHT. I'll have to write about the Taj Mahal of garden fences at another time).

Here are a couple pictures of the grand sum total of what I've grown this year. In case you can't recognize it, the first one is spinach. I know it looks like a strawberry plant springing up (in September), but trust's Spinach. Well, it's supposed to be spinach. It didn't really grow and instead the left over strawberry plant from last year popped up last week. (I'm no plant expert, but I think the other green things are weeds.)

Here is my tomato plant this year--the one I grew without my Daddy's help. Look hard...that little green thing, Yes, I do believe that's a tomato. Good thing I don't rely on the work of my hand to feed myself!

Praise the Lord for farmer's markets and grocery stores!


Kelly H-Y said...

You are too funny!

Cari Johnson said...

Thanks, if only it were a joke! :-)
I'm the worst gardener on the planet. Oh well.


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