Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Vacation Hokey-Pokey

"You put the trailer stuff in,
You take the trailer stuff out;
You put the suitcase stuff in,
And you shake it all about...."
When The Pastor and I first got married, we tent camped. I've got to say, it was never my favorite thing. I can recall countless fights that stemmed from me forgetting to pack essential pieces of camping gear. I distinctly remember the words "Honey, where are the matches?" causing the panic to rise in the pit of my stomach.
After several years of this not-so-fun camping, I begged The Pastor to buy us a small travel trailer. I figured if we had a trailer, I could put the camping essentials in and they would always be there. It seemed like a relatively expensive, but effective way to solve a recurring argument. (Besides, I grew up camping in a camper and I don't care how nice your tent is, that "roughing it" thing is definitely for the birds) Little did I know how much stuff you still need to pack every time you go.
Over the years, our trailer has evolved and we no longer camp, but we RV. There's a huge difference and I laughed out loud as I loaded my espresso machine into our trailer yesterday for our vacation. The Pastor, who used to chide me for not being willing enough to "rough-it" told me that we better pack both TV's for the trailer (in case we needed them). Boy, how times have changed.
We spent a day and a half loading all the necessities of life into the trailer. We packed it all...bikes, games, popcorn, ice cream, clothes, books, firewood, etc... You name it, we had put it in.
Finally ready to hit the road, we pulled out at 1pm. As we turned out of the driveway, the truck died. We coasted past our mailbox and, about 200 yards from our house, came to a dead stop. At 2pm, we had towed the dead truck and the travel trailer back to the house, fielded questions from our neighbors as to what in the world we were doing, and began to unpack it all.
In case you're wondering...yes, I'm blogging this from the easy chair in my living room and tomorrow we are switching to vacation plan B, which does not include repacking the trailer. The espresso machine is too heavy to carry out there again.


Jean said...

Cute! I grew up camping in tents and eating supper sitting on stumps around a fire.

Since I left home for college (43 years ago) I have never been camping again.

I say PTL! for room service, color TVs and in-room jacuzzis.


Cari Johnson said...

Amen, Sista! If I can't take our trailer somewhere where there's full hookups for electricity and water, I'd opt for a hotel any day! I found out the hard way on our last trip that our generator won't run the espresso machine!

Vanessa said...

I only stayed in a trailer once - and that was when I stayed with my grandmother before their house was finished. I didn't much like it, but I think it would be much different if it was camping. haha! I hope the truck gets fixed soon and that you guys can enjoy your vacation. By the way, thanks for lunch and coffee yesterday! :D

Amy Jo said...

Ah, STINK. :-( I'm SO sorry, RV or not, camping takes a lot of work! (And yet I so appreciate the smile you gave me in recounting your saga!) Praying you were able to get some much needed down time. Have a GREAT week!

Kelly H-Y said...

Oh my goodness, Cari ... I'm laughing out loud at this one. HILARIOUS! I love that you packed the espresso machine and two TVs ... and that - after all that loading - the truck died ... right in front of the house. That would have been a great scene for one of the Chevy Chase 'Vacation' movies!

Kelly H-Y said...

I have to tell you ... I just attempted to read this post to Jeff, and was laughing so hard I was crying and could hardly get the words out! Jeff loved it!

Cari Johnson said...

Thanks, Kelly. It makes me happy to know that I can bring joy to others through the unfortunate experiences of my life! Ha!


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