Friday, November 06, 2009

Those Were The Days

The mind is a funny thing. Well, my mind is always a funny thing, but I mean in general terms. My son is playing basketball this year. I'm looking forward to the change from Baseball. Don't get me wrong, I love baseball. But usually, it's a summer sport...however, they make the younger kids play early in the season and in North Idaho, that makes for some FREEZING games.

Basketball is a welcome change. It's inside. It's warm. It's exciting. It's my sport. My friend warned me this morning that you just have to be careful you don't get "Bleacher Butt" from watching too many games. I guess I'm not familiar with that because I was always on the court and not in the bleachers (although occasionally on the bench!)

Yes, that's me below. Don't give me a hard time about the uniform, it was 1987. I was a proud Kamiakin Brave and loved the game.

So I took my son to evaluations last night, and while I watched the kids play, my mind began to play horrible tricks on me. I heard the thump of the ball on the wooden floor; I heard the squeak of the sneakers and the sound of the ball on the backboard and I was transported back. I lost complete sight of the fact that I'm a late-thirties woman and felt like I was 17 again. I felt like I could run out there and run and jump and shoot and steal the ball the way I did in high school. There's only one problem....I know I can't.

You see, I've had these feelings before. It was about 10 years ago (maybe more) and someone invited me to play in a 3 on 3 tournament. I was so excited to be hitting the court again....but the excitement was short lived. I soon learned. I was old and slow and out of shape and the team we played was not. No matter how much the memories tempted me, I would never play ball like I did before. They pounded us (me) to a pulp.

So now, I'm happy to be watching my son and I promise to ignore all impulses to run on the court, steal the ball and run for a lay-up. My only injury will be Bleacher Butt.


Kelly H-Y said...

Nice jump shot pic! A couple practices/games and I bet you'd be back in form! I have to admit, I'm having almost just as much fun watching Braden play as I did playing myself!

Kelly H-Y said...
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Cari Johnson said... would take MUCH more than that to get me back in form. :-) Glad to hear Braden's playing, too!

Vanessa said...

And that's the game! The Braves win by a 85 point spread thanks to Cari! hehe

I remember the good ole days of playing b-ball...though I wasn't as good at it as I was at running. haha!

Cari Johnson said...

Ha! That only happened in my dreams. Playing Basketball was the only time I did any running...or if I was being chased. :-) I couldn't imagine running for the "fun" of it. Although, I took up jogging in my adult life, it was a VERY short phase.


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